Techworld venture Lab mentoring program, is a program created to allow wide variety industries experts: Successful business leaders and Entrepreneurs across the globe to come and provide advice, counsels, teaches and entrepreneurs the tools, guidance, support, and feedbacks to Techworld Venture Lab entrepreneurs and ventures startups. has development tools and resources they need to thrive and grow their business venture. 

 Our mentor program participants, perceives the experience of being identified as a mentor to allow them to make sense of their own past experiences, current challenges and gaining an insight into a day to day life and business venture of the entrepreneurs they are mentoring. and develop positive, more reciprocal relationships

 Our mentor program individual participants, comes with some essential skills and qualities that are listed below to benefits our member entrepreneurs that needs and seek their mentoring advise and guides:


  1. Relevant Expertise or Knowledge
  2. Enthusiasm for Sharing That Expertise
  3. A Respectful Attitude
  4. Eagerness to Invest in Others
  5. The Ability to Give Honest and Direct Feedback
  6. Reflective Listening and Empathy
  7. Willingness to Be a Sponsor

If you are interested in becoming a mentor and like to be part of our mentor program, please click on the link below to complete our mentor program application form.

Entrepreneurs and startup venture hat is in need of a mentor or mentor advice, please go to the mentor page where you can find or search for the mentor in your area or in your industry. 


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